Talian gjør alvor av sine trusler og sprenger nå mastene til mobiltrafikken. Søndag ble den andre masten på like mange dager sprengt.

Taliban militants attacked a telecom tower in southern Afghanistan, the second such assault in two days, after warning phone companies to shut down the towers at night.

Militants burned the base station of a tower in Kandahar city owned by the Roshan company late Saturday, said Qarim Agha, a police officer. Roshan declined to comment.

A Taliban spokesman said last week that militants would blow up towers across Afghanistan if mobile phone companies did not switch off their signals overnight. The militants fear U.S. and other foreign troops are using mobile phone signals to track insurgents and launch attacks against them.

The Taliban destroyed a tower along the main highway in the Zhari district of Kandahar province Friday. That tower was owned by Areeba, one of Afghanistan’s four mobile phone companies.

Militants have threatened mobile phone companies in the past, accusing them of collusion with the U.S. and other foreign military forces.

Taliban destroy Afghan phone tower