Pakistan hjelper Taliban og går så langt at de opplyser om amerikanske troppebevegelser i Afghanistan. Det går ikke an å løse problemene i Afghanistan hvis Taliban får beholde sine fristeder i Pakistan, sier Rand Corp. i en ny rapport.

Pakistani intelligence agents and paramilitary forces have helped train Taliban insurgents and have given them information about American troop movements in Afghanistan, said a report published Monday by a U.S. think tank.

The study by the RAND Corp. also warned that the U.S. will face «crippling, long-term consequences» in Afghanistan if Taliban sanctuaries in Pakistan are not eliminated.
The study, «Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan,» found some active and former officials in Pakistan’s intelligence service and the Frontier Corps — a Pakistani paramilitary force deployed along the Afghan border — provided direct assistance to Taliban militants and helped secure medical care for wounded fighters.

It said NATO officials have uncovered several instances of Pakistani intelligence agents providing information to Taliban fighters, even «tipping off Taliban forces about the location and movement of Afghan and coalition forces, which undermined several U.S. and NATO anti-Taliban military operations.» No timeframes were given.

The report said Pakistan’s intelligence service and other government agencies provided Taliban and other insurgents with training at camps in Pakistan, as well as intelligence, financial assistance and help crossing the border.

US think tank: Pakistan helped Taliban insurgents