Det er nærliggende å se det slik at Musharraf fornærmet sin vert i Det hvite hus for å foregripe kritikk av hans eget knefall for Taliban og stammene i Waziristan. Man kan si det var å overføre skammen fra ham selv til Bush. Pakistan har igjen inntatt en destruktiv rolle i forhold til Afghanistan og internasjonal terror. Al Qaida har igjen fred og ro til å planlegge store aksjoner.

Pakistan’s credibility as a leading ally in the war on terrorism was called into question last night when it emerged that President Pervez Musharraf’s government had authorised the release from jail of thousands of Taliban fighters caught fighting coalition forces in Afghanistan.

Five years after American-led coalition forces overthrew the Taliban during Operation Enduring Freedom, United States officials have been horrified to discover that thousands of foreign fighters detained by Pakistan after fleeing the battleground in Afghanistan have been quietly released and allowed to return to their home countries.

Pakistani lawyers acting for the militants claim they have freed 2,500 foreigners who were originally held on suspicion of having links to al-Qa’eda or the Taliban over the past four years.

The mass release of the prisoners has provoked a stern rebuke to the Musharraf regime from the American government.

Spesielt lekkert er det ikke å stille verten i slik forlegenhet som Musharraf gjorde. Bush kunne ikke irettesette ham for åpen mikrofon. Det ble i Dagsrevyen til at han ikke tok avstand fra uttalelsene om at Armitage truet med å bombe Pakistan tilbake til stenalderen.

US outraged as Pakistan frees Taliban fighters

Weekly Standard beskriver i detalj hva som skjedde da Mushrraf-regjeringen kapitulerte og overga Waziristan til Taliban og Al Qaida.

t is in this context that Pakistan gave up on South Waziristan last spring, abandoning its effort to control that area. Thereafter, sharia law was declared in South Waziristan, and the Taliban began to rule openly.

Yet even in the wake of Pakistan’s earlier surrender of South Waziristan, this new agreement, known as the Waziristan Accord, is surprising. It entails a virtually unconditional surrender of Waziristan.

The agreement is, to put it mildly, a boon to the terrorists and a humiliation for the Pakistani government. Even the circumstances under which it was signed point to Pakistan’s impotence in the face of a determined adversary. Taliban fighters searched government negotiators and military officers for weapons before allowing

them to enter the meeting, which took place in a soccer stadium in the North Waziristan capital of Miranshah. According to three separate intelligence sources, heavily armed Taliban were posted as guards around the ceremony, and al Qaeda’s black flag hung over the scoreboard.

Immediately after the Pakistani delegation left, al Qaeda’s flag was run up the flagpole of abandoned military checkpoints, and the Taliban began looting leftover small arms. The Taliban also held a «parade» in the streets of Miranshah. Clearly, they view their «truce» with Pakistan as a victory. It is trumpeted as such on jihadist websites.

Som land med soldater i Afghanistan, burde Norge være svært interessert i avtalen, som indirekte kan koste norske soldater livet.

And with good reason. The accord provides that the Pakistani army will abandon outposts and border crossings throughout Waziristan. Pakistan’s military agreed that it will no longer operate in North Waziristan or monitor actions in the region. Pakistan will return weapons and other equipment seized during Pakistani army operations. And the Pakistani government essentially paid a tribute to end the fighting when it agreed to pay compensation for property destroyed during combat–an unusual move since most of the property that was destroyed belonged to factions that had consciously decided to harbor terrorists.

Of particular concern is the provision allowing non-Pakistani militants to continue to reside in Waziristan as long as they promise to «keep the peace.» Keeping the peace will, in practice, be defined as refraining from attacks on the Pakistani military. Meanwhile, since the military won’t be monitoring the militants’ activities, they can plan and train for terrorist attacks or work to bolster the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan without being seen to violate the treaty. Although the agreement does stipulate that there «shall be no cross-border movement for militant activity in neighboring Afghanistan,» the provision amounts to mere wishful thinking since the Pakistani military has already agreed not to monitor the area.

Avtalen har allerede ført til drap på mennesker som regnes for motstandere av Taliban.

Amerikanerne er alarmert. De frykter at Musharraf er i ferd med å miste grepet om makten. At amerikanerne heller ikke får lov å foreta raid inn i Waziristan, sier sitt. Området er helt utenfor noen myndighets kontroll.

The Taliban and al Qaeda will operate with impunity. They have already repeatedly broken their brand new agreement with Pakistan without facing consequences. Since September 5, a number of anti-Taliban clerics and tribal leaders have been shot and beheaded in Waziristan. A government official in Waziristan was kidnapped, and a reporter was murdered in the city of Dera Ismail Khan. Bombings and other attacks have taken place on

military outposts in North and South Waziristan, and bombings have occurred in Peshawar and Bajaur.

Adding to the peril of this surrender, Musharraf has reiterated that the U.S.-led coalition forces in Afghan istan won’t be allowed into the tribal areas covered by the peace deal. «On our side of the border there will be a total uprising if a foreigner enters that area,» he said. «It’s not possible at all, we will never allow any foreigners into that area. It’s against the culture of the people there.»

Waziristan probably does not mark the end of the Taliban’s expansion. Instead, an American intelligence source told us–and United Press International has since confirmed–that further talks are underway that may lead to Pakistan’s ceding parts of the North-West Frontier Province. Negotiations are reportedly being held in the jurisdictions of Khyber, Tank, Dera Ismail Khan, and Bajaur.

Pakistan Surrenders
The Taliban control the border with Afghanistan.
by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross & Bill Roggio
10/02/2006, Volume 012, Issue 03

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