Pakistanske myndigheter har snudd 180 grader og lar nå Nord-Waziristan i fred. Hæren kalles tilbake, og de utenlandske krigerne som oppholder seg der, kan sove rolig om natten.

According to the terms of the deal, the tribesmen promised to stop attacking the army and to stop crossing the border to fight in Afghanistan.

The government agreed to halt major ground and air operations, free prisoners, retreat to barracks, compensate for losses and allow tribesmen to carry small arms.

The thorny issue of foreign fighters was left ambiguous. The militants promised that all non-Pakistanis would leave North Waziristan, or stay and respect the deal. But the government did not insist that they be registered, as it has done in the past.

Flere i Pakistan tolker dette som en kapitulasjon overfor stammer som har valgt jihadistenes side.
-I think this accord will give legitimacy to the militants, sier Rahimullah Yusufzai, en Taliban-ekspert.

«The government policy has swung from one extreme to another, from the use of brute military force to what appears to be total capitulation to militants,» wrote Ismail Khan of the Dawn newspaper.
«The government was desperate [for a solution]. It has bought temporary peace,» said Rahimullah Yusufzai, a close follower of Taleban affairs. «I think this accord will give legitimacy to the militants. They will behave as people who fought the army to a standstill.»

But will it work?

Similar deals in neighbouring South Waziristan did stop attacks on Pakistani soldiers, although it strengthened the hand of locals who shared the ideology and views of the Taleban.

Man regner med at Osama bin Laden skjuler seg i denne provinsen, sammen med en stor vaktstyrke, og mange utenlandske krigere. Flere av dem har giftet seg med lokale jenter. Det er herfra Taliban opererer mot Afghanistan. Selv om stammene kanskje demper sin trafikk over grensen, er det lite trolig at Taliban gjør det.

Avtalen er nok et bevis på at Pakistan er det sentrale landet i krigen mot terror.

kilde: BBC

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