Anti-vestlige protester brøt ut i Kandahar lørdag og fem afghanere ble drept. Den fremste religiøse lederen i Afghanistan krever at Terry Jones stilles for retten.

On Saturday morning, deadly protests broke out in the southern city of Kandahar, with a mob marching on U.N. offices there and chanting «Death to America,» officials said. At least seven Afghans were killed as shooting erupted all over the city, the Taliban’s spiritual homeland, officials said.

«Gunshots are being heard from every street,» said an Afghan U.N. worker in Kandahar.


In Afghanistan, the country’s top Islamic religious scholar, acting Ulema Council chief Mawlawi Qyamudin Kashaf, called for trying Rev. Jones as a war criminal for the sacrilege. «The entire nation of Afghanistan is Muslim and they are angry over the Quran burning,» he said. «I forecast such violent protests in Afghanistan in the future unless the U.S. government puts him on trial.»


President Ahmed Karzai har ved flere anledninger kritisert både ISAF, USA og vestlig kultur. Dette er signaler befolkningen oppfatter, mener en ekspert.

«There is a rise in radicalism again,» said Haroun Mir, head of the Afghanistan Center for Research and Policy Studies. «When the Afghan president criticizes the U.S., NATO and U.N. it has an impact on people.»

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