Protestene mot Koran-brenningen fortsetter, denne gang i Kandahar, Talibans kjerneområde, hvor ni ble drept og 90 såret. Av regjeringspoliti.

Det kan virke som om Koran-brenningen blir en katalysator for en mer allmenn frustrasjon og motvilje mot vestlig innblanding. Som om Afghanistan ville bli et bedre sted uten ISAF.

The protests have tapped into a well of frustration among many Afghans about the decade-long presence of U.S. and international troops on their soil. The sentiments expressed in signs and chants have denounced America and President Obama and called on troops to leave the country. The Taliban has played a murky role in the protests so far: Some Afghan officials allege its fighters have infiltrated crowds to encourage violence, but it has been content in public statements to cheer on the protesters without claiming responsibility for the unrest.

Taliban kan bare lene seg tilbake og la massene storme regjeringskontorer og FN-kontorer. Mullahene gjør sitt til å piske opp stemningen. Om det er i samarbeid med Taliban, eller for egen motor er ikke godt å si.

The protests have also been fueled by mullahs, who in their Friday sermons took a cue from President Hamid Karzai’s denunciation of Jones’s church four days after the Koran was burned. Afghan mosques, even mainstream, publicly funded ones, have emerged as a powerful anti-American voice in the country, and the imams regularly call for U.S. troops to withdraw.

The protests in Kandahar began Saturday morning with a few hundred people in a downtown bazaar not far from the offices of the provincial government. As the protesters moved around the city, the crowds grew larger. Some protesters said they had intended to approach the local U.N. office but were blocked by Afghan security forces.

Some of the participants were armed with guns and sticks and waving white flags, the banner of the Taliban. They set fire to a girls’ high school and torched buses and cars. Shops were shuttered, and security forces blocked roads to try to quell the violence.

Offentlige talspersoner uttaler seg ikke særlig forskjellig fra opprørerne.

The governor’s spokesman, Zalmay Ayoubi, blamed the unrest on the “idiot, infidel, blasphemous Americans” and said the people have a right to show their anger about the desecration of the Koran.

Protests over Koran burning spread in Afghanistan, with 9 dead in Kandahar