President Obama har sendt et tre siders brev til Hamid Karzai med unnskyldninger for at sider av Koranen ved et uhell ble brent.

Men det hjelper ikke. Hamid Karzai vil ha de skyldige stilt for retten. Det får han selvsagt ikke, og han øker avstanden mellom ISAF og sin egen regjering. Hvordan skal samarbeidet fungere når Karzai benytter enhver anledning til å angripe ISAF?

Adding to a chorus of profuse apologies from U.S. officials over the burning incident, Obama wrote a three-page letter to Afghan President Hamid Karzai on bilateral relations that included «an expression of his regret and apologies for the inappropriate and inadvertent mishandling of religious materials,» White House spokesman Jay Carney said.

Karzai’s office demanded that the coalition bring to justice as soon as possible those responsible for burning Qurans and other Islamic religious materials Monday at Bagram, a major air base north of Kabul used by American forces.

Pentagon er ikke ferdig med undersøkelsen, men alt tyder på at det var en ulykke, en tilfeldighet, og en tankeløshet. En kommandant skal ha set seg lei på at innsatte kommuniserte via beskjeder i Koraner.

U.S. and Afghan investigators are probing the incident at Bagram, but in Washington, Pentagon officials backed off of a promise to release a statement of their findings Thursday, saying the inquiry wasn’t complete. Some initial reports have suggested that a coalition commander ordered the Qurans and other materials destroyed because inmates at the Bagram detention facility were placing messages in them to one another, but coalition officials said the investigators hadn’t confirmed that.

«I think that the message that we’re trying to convey here is that this was inadvertent. We take it very seriously,» Carney, the White House spokesman, said aboard Air Force One, which was carrying Obama to an event in Florida. Even before the coalition completes its investigation, Carney said, the coalition’s commander, U.S. Marine Gen. John R. Allen, «is taking steps to ensure that this kind of thing can’t happen again by instituting training on the handling of religious materials.»

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