Alle dem fem bak 21-7 er tatt, men situasjonen er ikke normalisert av den grunn. Det abnorme blir det normale, skriver the Times på lederplass.

Unfortunately, no matter how positive the short-term news, and no matter how efficient our police force, the vigilance must re2_kommentar. The character of life will have to change, not necessarily dramatically but sufficiently to minimise risks and maximise the chance of terrorists being caught before they are able to slaughter innocent people. The abnormal will become normal. Politicians, the judiciary, the intelligence services, the police and the public will have to look at Islamist terrorism not as a theoretical concern whose extent might be debatable, but as a practical reality that can no longer be denied. To do so is not to afford the fanatics a form of victory but to be realistic about the facts.

This change can already be seen in debates that would have been unimaginable a month ago but are now being conducted with vigour.