There is a war raging for the hearts and minds of Western people. We used to say that the battle between the West and radical islam was about the hearts and minds of muslims. That was at a time when we thought of muslims as living outside the Western hemisphere. The concept was quietly shelved by the Obama administration along with the adjoining  «war on terror».

Now islam’s presence especially in Europe is crucially felt, and the question is no longer about their hearts and minds. But ours. This shift says a lot about what has been going on in those 15 years since 9/11.

The drum beat

Waking up to a normal day and you are instantly initiated into the last battles in America. Their war has become our war and we are constantly told who the good guys are and how bad the bad. Michelle Obama accused Trump in a speech in Phoenix of trampling on the principles of American democracy by his refusal to say that he will accept the election result whatever the outcome. The media who lambasts Trump for being a populist, listen to Michelle Obama rousing the crowd. The way she portrays Trump as living in a tower, only caring about money, and denigrating women. This is the FLOTUS, First Lady of the United States speaking.


By commission and omission the media have made it possible that such a speech can go down without a critical remark. They validate her remarks about Trump as a bad white, rich scaremongerer, and a misogynist whilst the Clintons are left off the hook.

The media have been telling us that thorough investigations have only come up with som very small examples of voter fraud. But the very same media refuses to recognize the Project Veritas’ videoes that demonstrated that the Clinton campaign is orchestrating violence and voter fraud. Deleting evidence makes their case easier. The same pattern repeats itself in the e-mail scandal. One of Hillary’s trusted men at State, Patrick Kennedy, proposed a quid pro quo to the FBI: He wanted an email reclassified so that it could be removed from public scrutiny for ever. The document was about Benghazi.

State is still working to protect Hillary. The FBI is in a dilemma. Justice Department is in a dilemma. A fourstar general, Cartwright, is charged with leaking secret information to David E. Sanger, journalist in the New York Times, who wrote about the data program Stuxnet which was devised to make Iranian centrifuges selvdestruct. Cartwright might go to jail.

The very same federal police that left Hillary off the hook for repeated offences, is charging a fourstar general for a felony that is dubious.

These things are seen in context not by the liberal media, but by conservatives. If you belong in Hillary’s camp you will not recognize the severity of the problem: The legitimacy of justice, and the breakdown in the separation of powers. Checks and balances do not work if the administration politicizes government.

The republic is threatened if Congress do not intervene to stop politicization: Of the Supreme Court, of the tax authorities, IRS, of the federal police, FBI, of the military.

Shane Harris might write in the Daily Beast, covering the trial against Cartwright:

The Obama administration has prosecuted more cases against government and military personnel for leaking than all other administrations combined.

That is a stunning fact. But the media prevents itself from following their own leads. They have made their case identical to Obama and the democratic party. Thus there is in effect no real press freedom. A press that has voluntarily subjected itself to ideological demands is no longer free.

This is how the cultural war is spilling over into a crises of the republic.

European media are touting the same agenda, and it goes on and on.

Trump is the symbol that must be discredited. At any cost.

Today’s news bulletin was Michelle’s speech in Arizona. She not only flogged Trump for daring to question the validity of the election result. She said he betrayed all the people who have made sacrifices for American democracy: The civil rights movement, abolitionists, feminists, LGBT-people, minorities of all stripes. These are the people Trump tramples on. She said he must be stopped. But how?

Her husband says the same thing: American democracy is today about the rights of all people, of all creeds, colours, disabilities. Obama takes the rainbow coalition to a new level. Identity politics has advanced American democracy, and anyone who questions this link between identity politics and justice and equality is discredited and delegitimized, meaning: You have no business being here. Get out.

Western media have more or less closed ranks and wages the war on behalf of Obama and Hillary.

With Obama not recognizing the moral defects of Hillary, he risks compromising his own legacy. This snowball is already so big he is not going to be able to stop it. It will continue rollling and growing after he has left office, and regardless of Hillary becoming president or not.

When he says that not voting for her is betraying his legacy, he is putting that legacy on the line.

Implicit in Michelle’s and Obama’s words, not to speak of Hillary and the media, is a threat: Justice or else. That is the slogan of Louis Farrakhan and Nation of Islam, but also Black Lives Matter and the NGOs funded by George Soros. It has crept into established parties and the federal government. The slogan contains a provision: Justice on our terms.

Obama has taken liberalism to a new level and imbued it with contradictions that are held together by a strict regime of propaganda and supression of dissent. Critics must be portrayed as right wingers or «unhinged».

Since the contradictions in this globalized world are evident for all to see, it takes more and stronger propaganda to quell dissent.

Americans should pay heed:

Their political conflict fuses with Europe’s which are even more serious and advanced. We now see a feedback-effect between America and Europe.

Trump has become something of a whipping boy. This morning it was Michelle, (how to stop him?) and his behaviour at the Catholic charity dinner in New York. European media in general only plays the liberal tune. We are being told that Trump is a buffoon.

At the same time we are being told that the UK yesterday received the first minors from Le Jungle in Calais. Some questioned their age. Purely by looking, some of them seemed far older than 18. Some looked like they were 40. And some voices asked for age control, either by skeleton or teeth. The former football star Gary Linnaker was outraged and called this racist.

By reporting this the media gives credence to Linnaker’s allegation. As if questioning if someone is cheating the system and evidently is doing so, can be called racist.

The media is thus contributing to raising tensions in society.

And it goes on and on. People do not want to be tainted. They do not want to live under tha shadow of belonging to the deplorable people.

The liberal alliance will not be intimidated. Trump has dared to challenge them. They will not only defeat him, but all his followers, for all to see.

Meanwhile, they allow the establishment to become radicalized from within. The slogan No justice or else is adopted by the First Lady and Obama touts identity politics as the new E pluribus unum. This is an ideological unum and those that do not adhere or belong – by virtue of being white in the wrong way or rich in the wrong way, will be expelled. In reality they outlaw patriotic America.

By making an example of Trump they hope to come out strengthend.

But the revolt coming from Trump and his deplorable basket could rectify their deficiencies.

They do not see that the values they stand for is an ideological leap that will destroy America from within.

It is the true revolt.


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