Yusuf Qaradawis uttalelser om at Holocaust var sendt av Allah er så hårreisende og uhyrlige at de blir hengende i lufta. Det er lite å sette det i sammenheng med. Selv ikke en David Irving tør si at han drømmer om et nytt Holocaust sendt av Gud og at han håper å få oppleve det.

Men dette er meninger som daglig serveres i medier i Midtøsten. Det er ikke nødvendigvis jihadister og ekstreme islamister som sier dette. Det er mainstream-predikanter, og Qaradawi tilhører dem. Antisemittisme er blitt en del av den daglige dietten. Det samme hatefulle sentiment omfatter idag også amerikanere.

Les hva en tidligere libanesisk parlamentariker, Ghassan Matar sa for bare noen dager siden: han gledet seg over amerikanere som ble drept. USAs forbrytelser er så store at man unner amerikanske sivile å bli drept, de er også skyldige. Deretter går han over til å plassere jødene: måten han snakker om jøder på kan leses som en forberedelse til folkemord. Han forbereder offentligheten på hva som er nødvendig.

Teleliban TV, January 23, 2009: «We Have the Right to Exact Revenge from the American People – Even If This People is Innocent»

Ghassan Matar: «I am ashamed to say this, but I see our own children being killed every day by American weapons and by means of U.S. support of Israel. When I read: ‘Today, the number of [U.S.] casualties in Iraq has climbed…’ Excuse me for saying this. I’m really ashamed to say this, but I want to be honest. It is no longer just an issue with the U.S. administration. We are not ready to accept even the American people. The administration of the Americans has afflicted so many tragedies and wounds upon us, and has spilled so much blood, that we have begun to feel that we have the right to exact revenge from the American people, even if this people is innocent and has nothing to do with its leadership’s deeds.»


NBN TV, January 19, 2009: Jews’ «Belief Is Based Upon Killing… The Culture of Killing in the Zionist Sense is Part of Their Genes»

Ghassan Matar: «Some people try to draw a distinction between Zionists and Jews, but as far as I am concerned, there is no distinction.»

Interviewer: «They are all the same?»

Ghassan Matar: «Zionism is the daughter of that belief. Of course, some people say that the Torah of the Jews was forged. When the Jews themselves admit that this Torah is forged… But at the moment, this is their book, and we should read what’s in it. What commandments were given to this people throughout history? They are all about killing. Whoever is not a Jew is considered to be one of the gentiles. In other words, he is not a human, and it is permissible to kill him.

«This culture is born with the child. He suckles it with his mother’s milk. When he grows – their schools, their culture, their books, their education, their guidance, their upbringing…»

Interviewer: «This belief is based upon killing.»

Ghassan Matar: «This belief is based upon killing. Of course, they always try to portray themselves to the world as victims. They say that they are the ones being attacked, and so on, and I’m about to cry because Hitler killed a few…»

Interviewer: «Jews.»

Ghassan Matar: «Let’s assume that Hitler indeed carried out these things – the whole world denounced Hitler for his massacres. Should the lesson learned from Hitler’s massacres be to perpetrate similar massacres against another people? The culture of killing in the Zionist sense is part of their genes.» […]

«By Means of the Media, Money, Lies, And Deceit, [The Jews] Have Managed to Train the European World… Let’s Examine ‘The Protocols'»

«The 20 million [Jews] are against the world. By means of the media, money, lies, and deceit, they have managed to train the European world to view them as the victims. They have subjugated the world to their extortion ever since World War II, and it is us Arabs who have paid the highest price for this.»


«Are they not the ones who influence political and economic decision-making in America? Yet they live in their own [quarters] and the same is true in Europe. Whenever you go anywhere in the world, you see the Arabs mixing and assimilating, because the Arabs are an open-minded people, with an open culture. The culture of [the Jews], on the other hand, is a closed, fossilized culture.»

Interviewer: «What are they afraid of?»

Ghassan Matar: «It’s not that they are afraid of anything. They view themselves as the chosen ones, and the others as their servants. Therefore, they refuse to mix with the other peoples, because they consider the others to be inferior. It is not about fear.»

Interviewer: «It’s arrogance.»

Ghassan Matar: «It’s a complex… They call themselves God’s Chosen People. If they are God’s Chosen People, what are the rest of the people? God’s Chosen Beasts? Their sense that they are distinct from the rest of the world prevents them from assimilating into societies.


«What brought them to the land of Palestine? Was it their ideological national cause? Or was it because they felt they needed a state that would rule the world? Let’s examine The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. They believe that they were created in order to purify the world. These are their concepts. The rest of the world – three, four, five billion people – are at their best when they are being killed.»

«Former Lebanese MP Ghassan Matar: I Am Ashamed to Admit I Am Happy When U.S. Soldiers Are Killed; Jews Believe They Should Purify the World, as Written in ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion'»Former Lebanese MP Ghassan Matar: I Am Ashamed to Admit I Am Happy When U.S. Soldiers Are Killed; Jews Believe They Should Purify the World, as Written in ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’

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