A lot of people, not just John Kerry, but AOC and others believe the climate change is coming so fast, and it will be the end of the world in ten years. So how can any possible deals with China on human rights, Tibet, Uighurs, Hong Kong, trade issues, how can that compare to the end of the world in ten years due to climate change. The Chinese are aware of this, it’s in a lot of their recent writing. 

They think that they can get leverage on President Biden through the option, through dangling …  ‘Hey we can really cut back on being the world’s biggest polluter but we have to have some concessions from you and leave us alone on the Uighurs, Hong Kong, Taiwan and all of these other issues.’ That seems to be what will happen tonight and tomorrow in Alaska.

Hudson Institute Director for Chinese Strategy, Michael Pillsbury issued a warning on «The Story» that China has leverage on the Biden administration and may use climate change as a negotiation tool when the the two sides meet in Alaska.

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