Møtet mellom USAs Williams Burns og Iran i Geneve, sammen med fem andre land, er historisk. Men foreløpig er det ikke sluppet ut noe resultatet. Partene skal ha blitt enige om å møtes igjen.

A senior U.S. official has met Iran’s top atomic negotiator for face-to-face talks — the first such encounter in years of big-power attempts to persuade Tehran to freeze a program that could create nuclear weapons.

The meeting took place in Switzerland, where the U.S. and five world powers also sat down with an Iranian representative to discuss Iran’s nuclear program and other issues.

As the talks ended, a diplomat said another meeting between the world powers and Iran would take place, without announcing a date. In Tehran, Iran’s state news agency IRNA says that meeting would happen by the end of October.

Thursday’s talks with Iran about its nuclear program appeared to be concrete proof of President Barack Obama’s commitment to engage Iran directly on nuclear and other issues — a sharp break from previous policy under the Bush administration.