Immigranter som samler seg i den franske havnebyen Calais i et forsøk på å komme seg til Storbritannia for å søke om asyl, ødelegger fingertuppene sine for at myndighetene ikke skal oppdage deres rette identitet. De brenner fingrene, etser vekk- eller fjerner hudlag med kniv for å hindre fingeravtrykks-analyser, noe som betyr at alt fra kriminelle rulleblad til gjentatte og avslåtte søknader om asyl ikke blir oppdaget.

The sinister development was revealed by Calais prefect Gerard Gavory who said that at least 57 asylum seekers questioned in the port town over the past few weeks ‘had their finger prints removed.’

Mr Gavory said scars caused by knives and razors were commonplace, or else polyurethane glue or even acid was used to remove fingerprint patterns.

The most common method was to place all ten fingers on an oven hob and turn up the heat.

The European Union has a joint database called Eurodoc which stores asylum-seekers’ prints. If migration officials discover applicants have already had their case heard in another EU state, they are liable to be sent back.

Og vel så viktig; kjente kriminelle kan utvises ved grensen, noe som forhindrer dem i å leve av velferdsordninger i Storbritannia mens de søker om asyl eller å forsvinne inn i landets svarte økonomi.

Politiet i Calais mener at rundt 2000 av immigrantene som venter på en anledning til å komme seg inn i Storbritannia er gjentagende, avviste asylsøkere med kriminelt rulleblad.

All are prepared to try and get to Britain at any cost, regularly playing a cat-and-mouse game with the authorities as they try and get aboard ferries and trains.

Mr Gavory said he was hoping that deportation flights back to countries like Afghanistan would soon resume.

He said Britain was in favour of them, and ‘By my reckoning, Great Britain is not less democratic than France.

Mr Gavory added: ‘We’re not sending them to their deaths, but towards peaceful zones. In organizing a return, we will be sending a strong signal to the Afghans. At the moment they have a sense of complete impunity in Calais.’

The authorities in Calais are preparing to destroy the so-called ‘The Jungle’, an area of wasteland close to the ferry port where hundreds live in conditions of complete squalor.

Asked to respond to claims by charities that The Jungle will be closed as early as this week, Mr Gavory said: ‘There are rumours. We’ll see if they’re true or not. What’s sure is that when it happens we won’t be shouting it from the roof tops. We’re working on it.

‘We have to tear it down before the end of the year, and it’s a difficult job. Raising it is easy, but we must do it the right way.’

I går advarte politiet i Calais om flere tilfeller der gjenger av immigranter former menneskelige veiblokkeringer for å tvinge bilister som passerer gjennom den franske havnebyen til å stoppe. Bilistene blir deretter truet med kniv og ranet av immigrantene, som på denne måten forsøker å skaffe seg nok økonomiske midler til å snike seg inn i Storbritannia.

Last night police in Calais issued a warning to the nine million Britons a year who pass through Calais – the equivalent of 25,000 every day.

They urged motorists to keep their windows closed and doors locked until they are safely inside the ferry terminal.

Officers said they had received several reports from holidaymakers of having to ‘run a gauntlet’ of migrants between the town and the ferry port.

One British couple reported being forced to stop by bedraggled refugees on the port approach road last week.

A Calais police spokesman said: ‘Frontier police received a report from a British couple who said the gang formed a human chain across the road to stop them.

‘Around six of them then surrounded the car and waved a knife in the male driver’s face and demanded cash. He threw his wallet out of the window and sped off. The refugees fled into the woods on foot.’

Police said several days later another British family ploughed through a refugee roadblock, knocking down and injuring one of the migrants.

Robert Moncrieff, 80, following in a car close behind, said: ‘There was a refugee lying in the road who looked injured. He was surrounded by several of his accomplices.

‘We drove straight past and when we reached the port, the driver told us the refugees had tried to flag him down but he had driven through them and knocked one over.’

The police spokesman added: ‘We advise drivers to drive slowly at anyone blocking the road, giving the clear intention you do not want to be stopped.

‘If the road remains blocked, keep the windows closed and doors locked, and call the police. Drivers should take any opportunity to drive away once the road is clear.’

He added: ‘We are stepping up security and police patrols in the area around the port, especially over the busy summer months.’

Borgermesteren i Calais, Natacha Bouchart, har tidligere klaget på britiske myndigheter, og mener at deres «enorme, statlige utbetalinger til asylsøkere» er årsaken til at tusenvis av utlendinger samler seg i havnebyen for å komme seg videre over til Storbritannia. Bouchart uttalte i går at at den britiske regjeringens politikk «påtvinger byen tusenvis av immigranter, som koster Calais` økonomi millioner av pund».

I et forsøk på stanse den stadige tilstrømmingen til Calais og derfra til Storbritannia, har franske og britiske myndigheter inngått en avtale om at den britiske regjeringen skal finansiere ny teknologi til å gjennomsøke kjøretøy på vei til Storbritannia med 15 millioner pund (ca. 150 millioner NOK) til bruk for franske myndigheter, som på sin side forplikter seg til å få fortgang i repatrieringen av illegale innvandrere.

Den britiske Labour-regjeringen annonserte for øvrig på mandag at avviste asylsøkere som ikke har forlatt Storbritannia, har krav på gratis medisinsk behandling fra landets offentlige helsetilbud (NHS):

NHS treatment will be available for tens of thousands of failed asylum seekers to ensure their human rights are honoured, it was announced yesterday.

At present, they are denied free treatment if an asylum bid has been turned down but they have not left the country.

But a Government U-turn means failed applicants who are destitute or cannot return home ‘through no fault of their own’, will be entitled to free care.

The decision increases the numbers potentially able to use the NHS by tens of thousands. But the campaign group MigrationWatch believes it could open the floodgates to ‘up to a million’ illegal immigrants.

Last night doctors undermined the strategy by saying it was not their job to act as immigration officers – raising the possibility that GPs would refuse to ask failed asylum seekers tough questions about their status.

Det er antatt at det befinner seg rundt 450.000 avviste asylsøkere i Storbritannia. Regjeringens nye vedtak skal angivelig bare omfatte 10 eller 20.000 av disse.

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