Italy fears 150k migrants could land as Balkan route closes

The Italian region of Puglia fears as many as 150,000 migrants could arrive from Greece after Serbia and Macedonia closed their borders on Wednesday.

Sweden to halt border checks – for two weeks

Sweden’s border checks have dramatically stemmed the flow of asylum seekers, but people without IDs will be allowed in to the country for at least two weeks this summer, Aftonbladet reports.

Germany, EU have failed us, Macedonian president says

President Gjorge Ivanov has said Balkan countries like his are victims of a «failed refugee policy» by Germany and Brussels. He said if he had relied on the EU, Macedonia would now be flooded with jihadis.

Bulgaria and Albania take action fearing refugees massing at their doorstep

Fearing that thousands of desperate refugees may show up at their doorstep after the Balkan route to Europe was officially closed, neighboring Albania and Bulgaria are beefing up security along their borders with Greece.

Bulgaria, which has already stationed military troops on the border, said it plans to to build a fence “in case of an increase in migrant pressure” while Albania is enlisting the help of Italian forces.

Italy said it will hold joint military patrols with Albania on the Greek border, fearing that refugees may seek to enter Europe through Italy or Montenegro through the Adriatic Sea.