Damián Pachter, journalisten som først slo alarm om at etterforsker Alberto Nisman var død, dukket søndag kveld opp i Israel. Han sa han hadde fått beskjed om at hans liv var i fare.


Pachter sa det var samme kilde som informerte ham om Nismans død (bilde), som nå sa at noen sto ham etter livet.

He said he was being chased by Argentinian security forces, that his phones were being tapped, and that he “had to move as fast as I could” to “leave the country right away.”

Pachter said he came to Israel because he is an Israeli citizen “and this is the place where I feel safe.”

“I intend to return to Argentina when my sources tell me conditions have changed,” he had told a local internet site on Saturday. “I don’t think that will happen in the term of this government.”

Nisman ble funnet død i sin leilighet sist søndag, dagen før han skulle lagt frem en rapport for nasjonalforsamlingen som dokumenterte at regjeringen har forhandlet med Iran om handelsforbindelser, mot at anklagene om at Iran sto bak bombingen av det jødiske senteret i 1994, ble droppet. @

Først het det at han hadde begått selvmord, men nå tror heller ikke president Kirchner på det.

Nisman was shot from a distance of at least 15 centimeters, according to the findings of an initial forensics exam, a source in the country’s Federal Police told local media on Saturday.

The finding completely contradicts the government’s initial claims that Nisman had committed suicide, an assertion Kirchner has since backtracked from.

The forensics exam also confirmed that there was no exit wound, a result expected when a gun is pressed to the temple, the Federal Police source said.

Kirchner, who has dismissed Nisman’s allegations of a cover-up in the bombing, published two letters on social media this week about the prosecutor’s death — the first saying it appeared he had killed himself, then a second saying she was now convinced it wasn’t a suicide.

Reporter who broke news of Nisman’s death lands in Israel | The Times of Israel http://www.timesofisrael.com/reporter-who-broke-news-of-nismans-death-lands-in-israel/#ixzz3PvYYoRsv