Departementet for Homeland Security skal bygge et intrikat system for hele grensen mot Mexico der droner vil sørge for at hele grensen er dekket. Et elektronisk gjerde sett fra luften er mer effektivt enn et fysisk.

Dette er bare ett eksempel på hvordan droner vil revolusjonere, ikke bare krigføring, men overvåking i det hele tatt, i alle sine aspekter.


Run for the border: Military contractors try to cash in on the U.S.-Mexico line. Feeling the pinch of the end of more than a decade of war, defense contractors are headed to the U.S.-Mexican border to snag a Department of Homeland Security contract for «military grade radar and long-range camera systems» that could be worth as much as $1 billion, the NYT reports this morning. Companies like Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics are entering into a «showdown» to compete for that contract. Eric Lipton: «Northrop Grumman, meanwhile, is pitching to Homeland Security officials an automated tracking device — first built for the Pentagon to find roadside bombs in Afghanistan — that could be mounted on aerial drones to find illegal border crossers. And General Atomics, which manufactures the reconnaissance drones, wants to double the size of the fleet under a recently awarded contract worth up to $443 million. The military-style buildup at the border zone, which started in the Tucson area late in the Bush administration, would become all but mandatory under the bill pending before the Senate. It requires that within six months of enactment, Homeland Security submit a plan to achieve ‘effective control’ and ‘persistent surveillance’ of the entire 1,969-mile land border with Mexico, something never before accomplished.» Says Dennis Hoffman, an economics professor at Arizona State University:«There are only so many missile systems and Apache attack helicopters you can sell…. This push toward border security fits very well with the need to create an ongoing stream of revenue.»


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