For den som måtte ha vært i tvil om at motstanden i Irak er svekket: 64 sunni-skriftlære offentliggjorde en erklæring de de ber folk slutte seg til den nye irakiske hæren, og politiet. Samtidig ber de opprørne innstille angrepene mot irakere.

Alarmed at a lack of Sunnis in new Iraqi security forces, clerics from the alienated and insurgency-linked religious minority made a radical policy change Friday by calling on followers to join the police and army.
A statement, signed by 64 Sunni clerics, was released as the Sunni Arab minority, which largely rejected elections two months ago, has watched Iraq’s Shiite majority and Kurds grab power in Iraq and dominate the security forces.
Senior Sunni cleric Sheikh Ahmed Abdul Ghafour al-Samarrai told AFP the group was calling for a halt to attacks against Iraq’s fledgling security forces, spurred on by the heavy troop presence in Sunni flashpoint cities.
The statement, handed out at western Baghdad’s Umm al-Khora mosque Friday, is a radical policy shift by Sunni Arab leaders who had called on their community, which makes up less than 20 percent of the population, to skip January’s elections and generally reject the new democratic Iraq. (AFP)