Zarqawi går i en internetterklæring til voldsomt angrep på sunniene som deltok i valget, og spesielt kritiserer han det største sunni-partiet som deltok. Det var det samme som å kaste en livline til amerikanerne da de holdt på å drukne, sier han.

The Internet statement by al-Zarqawi was posted Monday on an Islamic Web site known for publishing extremist material. The authenticity could not be confirmed, but the tape sounded like the Jordanian-born leader of the group.

»This is a call to the Sunnis, in general and the followers of the Islamic Party in particular,» al-Zarqawi said, referring to the Islamic Party in Iraq. The party is the biggest political home for Iraq’s Sunni Arabs, with Mohsen Abdul-Hamid its spiritual leader.

»Where are you being led to? Don’t you fear God?» al-Zarqawi asked. Referring to the Dec. 15 elections, he said: »At the time, it was very clear to everyone that the crusader enemy was losing, and then you threw a rope to save him.»

Al-Zarqawi accused the Islamic Party and Sunnis of collaborating with the United States and said those who voted in the parliamentary elections were »hypocrites.»

He asked for divine punishment: »God, curse the leaders of the Islamic Party and those who collaborated with them.»

He said the insurgents could have disrupted the elections, »but we did not do it to avoid killing some of the Sunnis who were confused» over whether to take part.

He also said the United States’ announcement last month that it will withdraw some troops from Iraq this year was a victory for the Islamic forces.

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