Leder av Nusra-fronten, Abu Mohammed al-Jolani, foreslår at en sharia-domstol skal dømme i den dødelige striden mellom den mest ytterliggående organisasjonen ISIS og andre opprørsgrupper.

Fire dager med kamper i det nordlige Syria hadde per mandag avstedkommet 270 drepte.


In an audio recording released online on Tuesday, the head of the Nusra Front, known as Abu Mohammed al-Jolani, said the infighting resulted from the “incorrect policies” of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. He called for a cease-fire and the establishment of an Islamic court to handle disputes, saying the violence could give Mr. Assad’s forces the opportunity to regain territory.

“The whole battlefield, including the foreign and local fighters, will pay the price of losing a great jihad because the regime will rebound when it was so close to vanishing,” he said.


ISIS’ oppførsel har lenge vært en torn i øyet på de andre gruppene.

Angered by what they call the tendency of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria to commandeer resources, impose strict social codes, and kidnap and kill opponents, rebel groups have been attacking its bases and trying to drive out its fighters from towns and villages where they once held sway.

Tapstallene sier noe om intensiteten i kampene. Det opplyses at begge parter har henrettet fanger, neppe et godt utgangspunkt for megling.


More than 270 people had been killed in four days of fighting as of Monday, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition group based in Britain with a network of contacts in Syria. The dead include 46 civilians, 129 rebel fighters and 99 fighters for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Both sides have also executed prisoners, the Syrian Observatory said.

FN meldte tirsdag at de gir opp å registrere drepte i Syria.


The Syrian Observatory has reported that more than 130,000 people have been killed since the conflict began in March 2011. But the United Nations, which has been saying for months that the death toll has exceeded 100,000, announced on Tuesday that it had decided to stop updating its own tally, at least for the foreseeable future, because of the problems in verifying information.


Suspension of a United Nations update on casualties “will be a loss — we will now have only disparate sources of information,” said Hamit Dardagan, an author of a report on Syrian casualties by the Oxford Research Group, a London-based organization that put the toll at 113,700 as of November.


Arbeidet med å innsamle opplysninger er blitt stadig vanskeligere, for både journalister og aktivister er målskive for mange parter. Nylig ble en kjent og uavhengig menneskerettsaktivist, advokat Razan Zeitouneh, bortført fra opprørskontrollert område i Damaskus, sammen med tre andre.



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