Advokaten som tirsdag hjalp Edward Snowden å søke om asyl i Russland, Anatolij Kutsjerena, har et nært forhold til sikkerhetstjenesten FSB og støtter Vladimir Putin.

Kucherena said he met Snowden at the airport on Tuesday to file the asylum request, with a translator the only other person present.

«He is satisfied with how he is being treated by the employees of the airport,» he added, declining to say how Snowden’s security was being ensured at the airport.

Speaking outside his office in a courtyard off a prestigious central Moscow street, Kucherena said he helped Snowden put together the asylum application after the stranded fugitive requested his assistance.

A supporter of President Vladimir Putin who supported Putin’s election campaign last year, Kucherena also has a legal practice in Moscow that takes on high-profile cases.

He also sits on the «public council» of the Federal Security Service (FSB), which was created by Putin in 2006.

According to its website, the council works to «develop a relationship» between the security service and the public. Its fifteen members have to be approved by the head of the FSB.