KGBs arvtaker for utenlandsspionasje, SVR, har økt aktiviteten i USA til et nivå ikke sett siden den kalde krigen. Og spionene har i dag et mye større register å spille på. Et vell av private selskaper er langt vanskeligere å kontrollere.

Intelligence experts believe that since Putin became president in 2000, the Russians have rebuilt a network of agents in the United States that had been depleted during the country’s transition from communism.

Putin served 16 years in the KGB, including a spell in foreign intelligence in East Germany. He became head of the FSB, the domestic security service. According to Shvets, the FSB has been operating widely in America because of its favoured status with Putin. Agents, some acting under diplomatic cover, are said to be trying to recruit specialists in American facilities with access to sensitive information.
Right now, virtually every successful private company in Russia is being used as a cover for Russian intelligence operations.»

Putin spy war on the West