Den eneste overlevende fra Mumbai-terroren i november i fjor, pakistanske Mohammad Ajmal Kasab, har trukkket tilbake alle tilståelser. Han hevder de ble fremsatt under tortur. Nå påstår han at han ikke deltok i angrepet, men ble arrestert noen dager før. Han var i byen for å delta i en film.

Pakistani citizen Mohammad Ajmal Kasab had been charged with 86 separate offences including murder and waging war against India in the November attacks when militants killed 166 people in a shooting spree across the financial hub.

«He (Kasab) has told the court that he was arrested a few days … before the attacks and kept in jail,» public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam told Reuters by telephone. Kasab is among 38 charged by India in the attacks. If found guilty, he could face the death penalty.

The attacks raised tensions between India and Pakistan. New Delhi says Islamabad has not done enough to bring the Pakistani-based masterminds of the attack to justice.

Nikam said the retraction would have no bearing as the prosecution has sufficient proof against Kasab.

«We have clinching evidence against him,» Nikam said.

Kasab, smiling while speaking inside a packed courtroom, said he never met Pakistani militant leaders who planned the attacks against India.

The 21-year-old said he had come to Mumbai to work in films and was not involved in the shootings.

The trial, which has gripped the country for months, has seen several twists and turns, with two defense attorneys also dismissed for unprofessional conduct.

Last week, a Pakistani court indicted seven Pakistani suspects in connection with the attacks.

Accused Mumbai attacker retracts confession, claims torture

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