Pakistan mener å ha identifisert gruppen som forsøkte å drepe Sri Lankas circketlag. De forsøkte å pågripe et medlem igår, men han unnslapp. De andre terroristene antas å ha flyktet til Taliban-kontrollert område.

Amerikanerne begynner å miste tålmodigheten med Pakistan. De ulike statlige organer arbeider ikke sammen, men er splittet, og noen lukker øynene, passivt eller aktivt, for hva terrorgruppene foretar seg. Det gjør Pakistan til et hus som er i splid med seg selv.

They identified him as Mohammed Aqeel, a member of the banned Islamic militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), which has close links to al-Qaeda and has been active in Kashmir and Afghanistan.

Mr Aqeel fled his home in Khauta district, about 30 miles from Islamabad, the capital, before the raid, the sources said.

Man tror Lashkar-e-Janghvi samarbeidet med en annen gruppe, Jaish e-Mohammed, som også har kjempet i Kashmir og Afghanistan, og har tette bånd til Al Qaida.

Gruppene har fått tilsig fra nytt hold: britisk-fødte muslimer med pakistansk bakgrunn. Alle terrorplaner i Storbritannia har hatt en Pakistan-connection.

They operate mainly from the tribal areas but have expanded their influence in southern Punjab in recent years, drawing recruits from among the rural poor, as well as British Muslims of Pakistani origin. Most of the Mumbai gunmen were from southern Punjab.

Rashid Rauf, a British Pakistani who was a key suspect in the 2006 plot to blow up transatlantic passenger flights taking off from Heathrow, was trained in JeM camps.

Pakistani security officials now say that some groups like LeJ and JeM appear to have mutated into small cells and are working as extensions of al-Qaeda. Pakistan’s Government insists it is doing all it can to crack down on such organisations and even offered to cooperate with Interpol this weekend in providing DNA samples of suspects in the Mumbai attack. Many US, British and Indian officials say, however, that Pakistan is reluctant to take firm action against militant groups because of their past and, in some cases, current links to the Inter-Services Intelligence agency.

Vestlig etterretning og vestlige politikere tror mindre og mindre på Pakistans evne og vilje til å bekjempe terrorgruppene.

Daniel Markey, a former senior South Asia State Department official under President Bush, told The Times that cooperation from Pakistan was sketchy in the aftermath of the Mumbai terror attack.

«It appears there are divisions within the Pakistani intelligence and security forces over whether and how to approach terrorism and how to do it with groups who have long enjoyed active or passive support of Pakistani institutions.

«What you are seeing are sharply different responses between different Pakistani agencies – none are sufficient and some are positively bad.»

US officials are particular concerned about LeT, which Pakistani and Western intelligence agencies say has trained thousands of Pakistanis in its camps and now has the potential to reach all over the world.

Los Angeles Times melder – oppsiktsvekkende – at Pakistan har hindret amerikanske myndigheter i å avhøre Lashkar e-Taiba-ledere som kontrollerer operasjoner i utlandet. Det er høyt spill. Selv for Pakistan.

TheLos Angeles Times reported that Pakistan’s Government had undermined US efforts to identify and thwart LeT militants who are believed to have a strong presence in the US. Robert S. Mueller III, the FBI Director, visited Islamabad last week to press, in part, for better cooperation after the Mumbai attacks.

The FBI and other US officials have been denied access to about 20 LeT members, including about six senior officials suspected of heading its global operations and fundraising. Senior FBI officials confirmed that Pakistan dragged its heels for 16 months in the investigation into the 2006 airline plot by denying access to Rauf despite Mr Mueller’s personal appeals. Rauf escaped from a Pakistani jail in mysterious circumstances in December 2007 and was reported killed by a US missile in November last year.

British officials have made similar complaints. Pakistani officials deny dragging their feet in joint terror investigations. «It was because of our tip that Britain has been able to break terror networks,» one official said.

Lahore attack ‘mastermind’ escapes police raid in Punjab

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