Pakistan lover å gå til aksjon hvis det får bevis for at Mumbai-terroristene hadde forbindelser i Pakistan, men sier samtidig at de ikke kjenner til noen slik forbindelse. Det lyder ikke overbevisende.

American and Indian intelligence officials said there was strong evidence tying the attacks to militants inside Pakistan. According to senior American government officials, satellite intercepts of telephone calls made during the siege directly linked the attackers in Mumbai to operatives in Pakistan working for Lashkar-e-Taiba, a militant Islamist group accused of carrying out terrorist attacks in Indian-administered Kashmir and elsewhere. The same group has been mentioned by some European security officials as linked to the attack. The American officials said there was still no evidence that Pakistan’s government had a hand in the operation.


The chief of Mumbai police, Hassan Gafoor, told reporters that he had evidence that the gunmen came from Karachi, and were on a «suicide mission» with no intention of returning, Bloomberg reported.
India’s assertion that the attackers were all Pakistani echoes a claim by the one attacker who was captured, identified as Ajmal Amir Qasab, said Rakesh Maria, joint commissioner of the Mumbai police, in a news conference. Mr. Qasab also said he was a member of Lashkar-e-Taiba, Mr. Maria said.

Minela sårede og døde

The attackers used grenades to booby trap some of the bodies in the two luxury hotels where they struck, the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower and the Oberoi, so they would explode when they were moved, Inspector Maria said. It was not always clear, he added, whether the people were dead or just wounded.

India Demands Pakistan Hand Over Fugitives

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