For første gang innrømmer en pakistansk statsråd at terrorangrepet på Mumbai ble planlagt i Pakistan.

On Thursday Mr Malik told a news conference that legal steps had begun against eight suspects which could lead to prosecutions.

Mr Malik conceded that a foreign terror plot was hatched in Pakistan

«Some part of the conspiracy has taken place in Pakistan. We have lodged an FIR [first information report] into the case,» he told a news conference in Islamabad.

He said six of the suspects «are now in custody» while two others remain at large. It is not clear when the suspects were arrested – Pakistan said in January that 71 suspects had been detained. Arrests began in early December.

«The attackers left from Karachi on a boat hired from Balochistan [province],» Mr Malik said. «An e-mail claiming responsibility for the attack was sent by Zarrar Shah of the Lashkar-e-Taiba.»
Mr Malik named Hamad Amin, a Karachi resident currently in Pakistani custody as the mastermind behind the attacks.

His remarks follow continuing pressure from the Indian government and the international community over Pakistan’s response.

India has consistently accused Pakistan of not doing enough to arrest those behind the attacks.

The BBC’s Syed Shoaib Hasan in Islamabad says that this is the first time that the Pakistani authorities have acknowledged the full extent of the charges made by the Indian government.

Our correspondent says it also is the first time a serving Pakistan government official has acknowledged that a foreign terror plot was hatched in Pakistan – an admission that could hold serious implications for the country’s security establishment.

Pakistan admits India attack link