Etter at den pakistanske hæren inntok Swat-dalen har det dukket opp hundrevis av torturerte og drepte. Det er hæren som tar hevn og driver utenomrettslig justis, frykter menneskerettsgrupper.

Two months after the Pakistani Army wrested control of the Swat Valley from Taliban militants, a new campaign of fear has taken hold, with scores, perhaps hundreds, of bodies dumped on the streets in what human rights advocates and local residents say is the work of the military.

In some cases, people may simply have been seeking revenge against the ruthless Taliban, in a society that tends to accept tit-for-tat reprisals, local politicians said.

But the scale of the retaliation, the similarities in the way that many of the victims have been tortured and the systematic nature of the deaths and disappearances in areas that the military firmly controls have led local residents, human rights workers and some Pakistani officials to conclude that the military has had a role in the campaign.

Hæren «settle scores», dvs. de tar oppgjør med reelle eller innbilte Taliban. Men det er også dystrere motiver: de ønsker å fjerne vitner til bombing av sivile mål.

The number of killings suggests that the military is seeking to silence any enthusiasm for the Taliban and to settle accounts for heavy army casualties, said a senior provincial official who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of reprimand by the army.

Bodies, some with torture marks and some with limbs tied and a bullet in the neck or head, have been found on the roads of Mingora and in rural areas that were militant strongholds.

Reports on Sept. 1 in two national daily newspapers, Dawn and The News, said the bodies of 251 people had been found dumped in Swat.

The Human Rights Commission, a nongovernmental organization, disputed that all the victims had been killed by civilians, saying last month that there were credible reports of retaliatory killings by the military. It said that witnesses had seen mass graves and that in some cases, the bodies appeared to be those of militants.

Det er dårlig med observatører. Hæren sparket ut representanter for Det internasjonale Røde Kors sist måned.

En rektor på en skole sier hæren gjør noe dumt. Den statuerer eksempler, men gjør det med feil folk. Det kan komme til å straffe seg.

Pakistan Army Is Said to Be Linked to Many Killings in Swat