Nye detaljer om angrepet på skolen i Peshawar: elevene ble tvunget til å se på mens en lærer ble brent levende.

«Taliban terrorists allegedly burned a teacher alive and made the students watch during their attack on a Pakistan school which left over 130 people dead.»
«According to a NBC News report, citing an unnamed military official, the terrorists stormed the Army Public school in Peshawar, in north-west Pakistan, and committed the horrific act as well as detonating a suicide bomb which killed a number of students.»
«They burnt a teacher in front of the students in a classroom,» the unnamed military source told the US TV network.»
«They literally set the teacher on fire with gasoline and made the kids watch

peshawar-school-attackfoto: Foreldre frakter ungene vekk fra skolen i Peshawar.

Andre storyer går ut på at flere kropper kom uten hode til sykehuset.

«Pakistani officials have yet to verify the burning of the teacher, or other reports that some of the bodies of the dead school children are being brought into the hospital headless
«According to a tweet by Omar R Quraishi, an editor at the The Express Tribune who has over 154,000 Twitter followers
«Some of the bodies brought to hospital during the Peshawar school attack have been headless: source

Parallellene til Utøya er slående:

Most of the victims of the terror attack at Peshawar’s Army Public School were shot in head from point blank range by the militants, a media report said on Tuesday.

Noen kan ha blitt drept av hæren da soldater stormet skolen.

Some, however, as survivors claim, died during gunfight between the Pakistani army who stormed in the school building in retaliation.

Selvmordsbombere tok mange med seg i døden.

There were reportedly three suicide bombers, who blew themselves up, leading to several more deaths-all between the age of 10 and 20 years. A Reuters Correspondent narrates the horror at the local Combined Military Hospital where the corridors were lined with the charred bodies of school kids in their uniforms. Meanwhile, in a heart-wrenching incident, a family was handed over the wrong body as the children were beyond recognition due to the explosions.

Krigerne snakket sammen på arabisk eller farsi.

Each of the students testified that the gunmen communicated with them in what they recognised as either Farsi or Arabic, which implies Taliban’s network of hundreds of foreign fighters holed up hundreds of foreign fighters in the Pakistan-Afghan border.






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