Det russiske sikkerhetsrådet kunngjør opprettelsen av spesialstyrker som militært skal sikre og beskytte russiske interesser i Arktis.

The document said Moscow would create new troop formations in the Arctic zone «capable of ensuring military security in different military and political situations.»

It did not specify the number of troops to be deployed.

The paper, outlining Russian Arctic policy until 2020, was signed by President Dmitry Medvedev on September 18 last year but published only this week by the country’s Security Council.

«Russia’s state policy in the Arctic in the medium term perspective is to preserve her role as a leading Arctic power,» said the document, posted on the Security Council’s website www.scrf.gov.ru.

Russia, the world’s biggest country, is in a race with NATO members Canada, Denmark, Norway and the United States to control reserves of oil, gas and precious metals that could become more accessible if the Arctic ice cap shrinks because of climate change.

Russia says a swath of the Arctic seabed should belong to it because it is really an extension of the Siberian continental shelf. Moscow has filed a claim to the United Nation’s body dealing with such issues.

The Security Council issued a separate statement on Friday saying Russia did not plan to militarize the Arctic and Moscow wanted simply to make its borders more secure.

Utspillet kan tolkes som at Russland akter å forfølge en ishavsimperialisme i nord.

Russia to boost Arctic troops to defend resources