Russland har gått med på å la USA transportere forsyninger og militært materiell til troppene i Afghanistan over russisk territorium. Avtalen vil bli undertegnet når president Barack Obama kommer på besøk mandag.

«The agreement will include the transit of all U.S. goods, including military ones (to Afghanistan),» a senior Kremlin source told Reuters.

A U.S. source confirmed the deal would be signed and said it would mark a step forward in cooperation on Afghanistan, which Russia views as a key area where both the former Cold War foes can work together to mend ties.

It was not immediately clear if the deal would allow the United States to fly troops over Russian territory to Afghanistan.

Medvedev has repeatedly said he is ready to widen cooperation with U.S.-led coalition and NATO forces in Afghanistan, though Moscow has ruled out sending any of its own troops to fight.

Russia has already granted Washington the right to transit ‘non-lethal’ supplies, such as food, overland via Russia — and Central Asia — to Afghanistan.

Moscow has also granted NATO members Germany, France and Spain the right to use Russian territory to transit military cargos to Afghanistan.

Russia to grant U.S. Afghan supply route