Tre jødiske gutter i alderen 17-18 år ble angrepet av en gjeng muslimske gutter i Paris lørdag og havnet på sykehus. De tre tilhører den religiøse sionistiske organisasjonen Bnei Akiva, som er verdensomspennende.

De tre kom nettopp fra bønnestund. Bnei Akiva er bekymret for jødenes situasjon i bydelen. Det har vært flere overfall på jøder, begått av nordafrikanske innvandrergutter.

According to a statement released by World Bnei Akiva spokesman Tzvika Klein, the youths were initially approached by a group of three Muslim/African immigrants who began to throw chestnuts in their direction. When one of the counselors asked them why they were being attacked, the assailants began shouting anti-Semitic remarks.

Ten to 12 attackers wearing brass knuckles joined the original three and beat the three Jews until police arrived.

The victims, Dan Nabet, Kevin Bitan and David Buaziz, had all been released from hospital by Sunday afternoon, sporting several wounds, including a broken nose, a broken jaw and stitches.

According to Tuati, the victims’ families filed a complaint with police. The incident has already been recognized as an anti-Semitic attack by local authorities. So far, police have identified three suspects.

Bnei Akiva is concerned that the incident occurred in a central area for its members, in the 19th arrondissement in northeast Paris. The area, said Tuati, was close to a school and was visited by roughly 150 children every Shabbat.

It was the second anti-Semitic attack near the Bnei Akiva branch in two months.

Paris Muslims attack 3 Bnei Akiva youths