En fransk19-årig jøde ble torturert i flere timer av innvandrerungdom i en forstad til Paris. Det er samme område hvor israelske Ilan Halimi (23) ble holdt innesperret og torturert i tre uker, til han til slutt døde i februar 2006. Gjengen som sto bak kalte seg «Barbarene». De plukket ut jødiske ofre.

De seks som ga seg på Mathieu Roumi visste også at Roumi var jødisk. Han og familien bor i strøket. Ungdommene sa de ville fortsette «Barbarenes» arbeid. Torturen er sadistisk-seksuell.

Ilan Halimis grusomme død gjorde et voldsomt inntrykk på franske jøder, og jøder over hele verden. At jøder tortureres til døde i Frankrike fordi de er jøder, er vanskelig å fatte. Mange franskmenn var med å vise sin solidaritet, og myndighetene har arrestert 23 tiltalte. Et nytt tilfelle bekrefter en følelse av at jøder er blitt fredløse i innvandrerkvarterer.

The incident of brutal abuse began at 10 A.M. on February 22. Mathieu Roumi, 19, whose father is Jewish, was strolling through his neighborhood in the Paris suburb of Bagneux, which has been the site of violent riots by immigrants in the past two years. The suburb became notorious as the scene of Ilan Halimi’s 2006 murder, which horrified France.

Roumi ran into two youths he knew. They discussed a sum of money that he supposedly owed them. An argument ensued, after which they beat him and, with the help of a third friend, dragged him to a dark basement. The three assailants were joined by three other youths, all neighborhood residents and neighbors of Roumi.

For two hours the attackers tortured the young man. One shoved cigarette butts into his mouth, another took issue with Roumi’s Jewish origin, grabbed correction fluid and scrawled «dirty Jew» on his forehead. The six men proceeded to scream at him and threaten that he would die the way Halimi did.

They identified themselves as members of the «Barbarians,» the same gang that kidnapped Halimi from his store, demanded ransom for his release, and when that was not forthcoming, tortured the 23-year-old over the course of three weeks. Moments after he was dumped on the street, Halimi died.

Roumi told police investigators that throughout his ordeal, his assailants employed measures with sexual and sadistic connotations. When the issue of his sexual orientation arose, one of them placed a condom on the tip of a stick and shoved it in Roumi’s mouth.

«We admire Youssouf Fofana!» they shouted at him, referring to the leader of the gang that murdered Halimi. Fofana and 29 other suspects are on trial for abduction, torture and murder. If convicted, they can expect a life sentence.

Roumi’s life was spared because one of the assailants, who owned the basement space, had to leave and take the key with him. Roumi was set free and returned home, battered and broken. When he got to his parent’s home, they sent him immediately for a medical examination.

The next day Roumi went to the police. In a matter of hours, the six assailants were arrested. Most are in their 20s, two come from Muslim homes, two are «fully» French, and another two are African and Portuguese immigrants. They told interrogators that they had not meant to hurt Roumi.

Jewish teen tortured in French town where Ilan Halimi was killed

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