Frankrike er sjokkert over et brutalt innbrudd, ran og voldtekt av en jødisk familie hvor det ikke ble lagt skjul på at motivet var antisemittisk ble åpent uttrykt. Forbryterne var unge muslimer.

The latest attack occurred on Monday when three men burst into a flat occupied by a Jewish family in Creteil in the Paris suburbs.

The eldest son, 21, who was at home with his girlfriend, said the assailants had thrown her against a wall before pointing a gun at him.

“We haven’t come for nothing, we know that Jews have money,” one said, according to the victim, who gave his name only as Jonathan.

When he told them that family’s money was in the bank, another retorted: “No, that’s not true. We knows Jews don’t keep money in the bank. We know Jews keep money at home, and that’s why we are robbing you.”

A police spokesman said the assailants had threatened Jonathan with a gun, taken his debit card, forced him to give them his PIN number and raped the woman. Two have been arrested and charged with gang rape, armed robbery, kidnapping and extortion. The third is on the run.

The spokesman said the gang was suspected of attacking a 70-year-old Jewish man earlier this year.

The incident came with French Jews leaving for Israel in record numbers. More people are expected to emigrate to Israel from France than from any other nation this year, according to the latest figures.

Frankrikes sjefsrabbiner Hain Kosia sier det er drømmen om Frankrike som blir knust. President Hollande sa det ikke bare er familien, det er Frankrikes storhet som blir ødelagt.
Det brutale overfallet og voldtekten er slått opp og har gjort inntrykk over hele Frankrike.