Al Qaida påtok seg torsdag ansvaret for angrepet på den danske ambassaden i Islamabad, og sa flere angrep kommer.

The statement, signed by an al-Qaida commander in Afghanistan, said Monday’s attack in Islamabad was carried out to fulfill the promise of Osama bin Laden to exact revenge over the reprinting in Danish papers of a cartoon of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad wearing a bomb-shaped turban.
It was signed by al-Qaida commander Mustafa Abu al-Yazeed and dated Tuesday.

Al-Yazeed warned that if Denmark fails to apologize for the cartoons more attacks will follow and Monday’s blast will «only be the first drop of rain.»

The attack is but a «warning to this infidel nation and whoever follows its example.» Denmark «published the insulting drawings» and later «refused to apologize for publishing them, instead they repeated their act,» the posting said.

It said the bombing was carried out by an al-Qaida martyr whose last will and testament will soon be made public, and thanked Pakistani jihadists for helping prepare and execute the plot.

Dansk sikkerhetspoliti, PET, var raskt ute med å si at Al Qaida sto bak. Norges regjering ved utenriksminister Jonas Gahr Støre mente det slett ikke var sikkert at ambassaden en gang var målet.

Al-Qaida claims Danish Embassy blast