Den internasjonale domstolen i Haag sier i en kjennelse at massakren i Srebrenica i 1995 var folkemord. Domstolen ga ikke direkte Serbia skylden for massakren, men sier at Serbia kunne forhindret den. Serbia gjorde heller ingenting for å straffe dem som utførte drapene på 7.500 bosniske muslimer.

In a lengthy ruling, the International Court of Justice said that the Serbian state did not order the massacre, but was responsible for failing to prevent it.

Judge Rosalyn Higgins, the president of the court, said: «The court finds that the acts of genocide at Srebrenica cannot be attributed to the respondent’s (Serbia) state organs.»
The ruling added that Serbia’s claim that it was powerless to prevent the massacres «hardly tallies with their known influence over the Bosnian Serb army».
Leading politicians in Bosnia, both Muslim and Croat, expressed deep disappointment with the verdict that Serbia was not directly responsible.

«I am sorry that Serbia and Montenegro were not convicted of genocide and that they were not convicted of conspiracy in genocide,» Haris Silajzic, the Bosnian Presidency’s Muslim member, told Bosnian television.

UN top court says Srebrenica massacre genocide