Russland nedla veto mot at Sikkerhetsrådet, på Storbritannias forslag, skulle vedta en resolusjon som stemplet Srebrenica-massakren som et folkemord.

Det ville ikke Russland finne seg i. Putin holder sin hånd over serberne. Ifølge BBC er lyktestolpene på serbisk side besmykket med plakater av Putin.

The Russian ambassador, Vitaly I. Churkin, called the language of the measure “confrontational” and “politically motivated,” and urged the Council not to call it to a vote. Saturday is the 20th anniversary of the beginning of a three-dayslaughter of about 8,000 Muslim men and boys by Bosnian Serbtroops in the Bosnian town of Srebrenica.

The resolution would “doom this region to tension,” Mr. Churkin warned. Russia shares close political ties with Serbia.

Peter Wilson, the British envoy, accused Russia of denying facts established by a special international tribunal. “It is denial, and not this draft resolution, that will cause division,” Mr. Wilson said. “Denial is the final insult to the victims.”

Flere land, blant dem Kina, avholdt seg fra å stemme. Kina bidrar ikke til opprettholdelse av internasjonal ov og orden, når det kommer til stykket.

China warned against bringing the measure to a vote, asserting that doing so would damage the unity of the Council. China, along with Angola, Nigeria and Venezuela, abstained. Russia cast the sole no vote. Ten countries voted in favor.