At Kina og Russland motsetter seg sanksjoner mot Syria er velkjent. Men at også India, Brasil og Sør-Afrika saboterer handling er mindre kjent.

Frankrike og Storbritannia har lagt frem forslag til nye sanksjoner i Sikkerhetsrådet, men kommer ingen vei pga motstand fra de to vetomaktene Kina og Russland, og de midlertidige medlemmene Brasil, India og Sør-Afrika.

Holdningen gjør et visst inntrykk på Europa og USA. Hva slags verden går vi i møte hvis så grove menneskerettsbrudd kan feies under teppet?

Ten days ago France and Britain circulated a draft resolution against Syria, which was to include a weapons embargo and sanctions against senior Syrian officials. Yet it remains unclear where the resolution stands today. «It was clear from the start that Russia – with China’s help – will drag the discussion on and on until it is removed from the agenda,» said a senior UN analyst. Another senior diplomat said that «in the best case scenario, they will water down and soften the resolution until it has no influence.»

One of the reasons the Security Council is not exerting its authority is the indecision among the five permanent members, resulting from a rift between the U.S., Britain and France on one hand and Russia and China on the other. China, and Russia have adamantly opposed any operational steps against Syria.

«The Council is being held hostage by Russia and China,» a diplomat said. Meanwhile, non-permanent member states such as India, Brazil and South Africa have created an ad-hoc coalition against the U.S. and the Western member states. «The way (these countries) are behaving is astounding,» said a deputy delegation president. «Everyone is expecting these countries to be more sensitive to human rights violations.»

‘UN Security Council failing to respond effectively to bloodshed in Arab world’