Serbias president Tomislav Nikolic, sier til Corriere della Sera at det som skjedde i Srebrenica ikke var folkemord, og at Serbia ikke kommer til å føye seg etter kravet om å anerkjenne Kosovo som betingelse for medlemsforhandlinger med EU. Da får det heller være.

EU-kommisjonen har klar en rapport om utsiktene til at Serbia kan bli medlem. Nikolics uttalelser er som å gi EU fingeren.

EU-kommisjonen kaller Srebrenica folkemord, men den bruker ikke ordet om Tyrkias drap på armenere.

Srebrenica was not genocide and Serbia will not bow to demands for Kosovo recognition, Serbia’s leader has said on the eve of a key EU report.

The Balkan country’s head of state, Tomislav Nikolic, a former confidante of Serbia’s notorious war-time leader Slobodan Milosevic, made the remarks in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera on Tuesday (9 October).

«Genocide did not take place in Srebrenica. This is about individual guilt of members of the Serb people. … No Serb recognizes that genocide took place in Srebrenica and I am no different,» he said.

«In case it is necessary to renounce Kosovo, then it’s more acceptable for us to forget about Europe … Now a recognition of Kosovo and Metohija is being made a condition [for EU membership]. The question is not whether we want Europe. The real question is whether they want us,» he added.

The inflammatory words come ahead of a European Commission report on Serbia’s progress on pro-EU reforms due out on Wednesday.

Early drafts of the paper obtained by EUobserver indicate that Brussels will not recommend a date for starting accession talks with Serbia in what would amount to a snub to Belgrade.