Alle som klager over at krigen i Afghanistan ikke kan vinnes med militære midler kan lese Anthony Loyds reportasjer. Det er utlendingene som rømmer så fort det løsnes skudd som gir Taliban seiere – helt gratis.

It took the Taleban only 14 cheap rockets to bring to a halt one of Afghanistan’s most prestigious reconstruction projects.

Hours after Royal Marines in Kajaki staged a dramatic mission to clear insurgents from positions north of a strategic dam, contractors responsible for its reconstruction were ordered to evacuate after the rockets were fired.

The 107mm missiles, launched from a location west of the dam, exploded harmlessly around the Marines’ base on Tuesday, a day after they returned from their mission. The clear signal of defiance from the Taleban caused little consternation among either the Marines or Afghan engineers working at the dam’s hydroelectric station near by.

However, two foreign contractors overseeing rebuilding, an American and an Australian, were evacuated on the first available helicopter. Until they return Kajaki’s hydroelectric reconstruction is stalled.

Missiles drive US staff from dam that Royal Marines fought to save