Irans svar til gruppen av fem er som ventet «grått» og ikke svart/hvitt. Denne gang er også europeerne forberedt. Men vil Moskva og Beijing spille med?

«We always expected a response that’s not white or black, but gray,» said Cristina Gallach, a spokeswoman for Javier Solana, foreign policy chief of the European Union. «But our position can’t be gray.»
But Western patience appears to be wearing thin. «It’s very nice of the Iranians to respond, but we don’t feel a compunction to respond to this,» the senior European official said. «We’re not going to dance to the Iranians’ tune. We don’t need to. The headline is that they haven’t addressed the key issue so the Security Council process will continue.»

Iran Won’t Give Promise to End Uranium Effort