IS har planer om å begrave bomber i sanden under solsenger i Spania, Frankrike og Italia. Terroristene skal posere som iskremselgere og t-skjorteselgere før de detonerer bombene under solsengene. Informasjonen skal ha kommet fra italiensk etterretning.

The news comes it was revealed ISIS is planning terror attacks across Europe this summer, targeting holidaying tourists by posing as ice cream and T-shirt sellers. German media reports that ISIS is sending jihadists to pretend to sell refreshments before detonating suicide vests and bombs buried under sun loungers at Spanish, French and Italian resorts.

Også automatvåpen og selvmordsbombere skulle benyttes i angrepene på strandturistene, ifølge den tyske avisen Bild.

BILD said the plans involve the use of automatic weapons on crowded waterfronts, suicide bombings and explosive devices buried in sand beneath sun loungers. ISIS, which is squeezed financially as the international coalition ranged against it in the Middle East hampers its movement and military actions, is looking for more soft targets in the west and came up with the holiday bombing campaign. According to BILD the beaches which intelligence chiefs say are definitely targeted include resorts in southern France, the Costa del Sol in Spain and both coasts in Italy.


Solsengbombelotto. Tryggere rundt bassengene eller på hytta i Kragerø?


Arrestasjon av en marokkansk IS-verver i Mallorca idag.



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