Fransk politi har arrestert en mann i Argenteuil utenfor Paris, i det som beskrives som et fremskredent stadium før et terrorangrep. Om det var snakk om timer eller dager presiseres ikke.

Innenriksminister Bernard Cazeneuve kunne ikke si om det var forbindelser til Brussel eller Paris-angrepe. Men:

He said the person was implicated at a “high level” in the alleged future plot but provided no details.

Betyr det at flere var involvert?

Arrestasjoner i Brussel

At the same time,  six people were reported arrested during anti-terror operations in the Brussels suburb of Schaerbeek, the same area where an ISIS flag and a bomb containing nails were found after attacks on the Brussels airport and subway.

Investigators could be seen carrying what appeared to be bags of evidence from at least one of the raid sites.

The raids came as Belgium lowered its terror threat level by one notch although authorities said the situation remained «grave» and another attack was «likely and possible.»

Bakraoui-brødrene kjent

Fox News melder at amerikanerne hadde navnet på Bakraoui-brødrene og at de fikk dem av belgierne. Så hva er sannheten? Har belgierne visst, men unnlatt å reagere?

In a related development, two law enforcement sources confirmed to Fox News that two brothers named as suicide bombers in the Brussels attacks earlier this week were listed in U.S. intel databases and known to the FBI.

One source said Belgian authorities had shared intelligence on the individuals with their foreign counterparts.