En jihadist har oppfordret «ensomme ulver» til å angripe lærere ved internsjonale skoler i muslimske land. Ett angrep er nok til at skolene vil stenge og lærerne og deres familie reise hjem, spår jihadisten. Det er Site Intelligence Group som melder dette.


In a message posted on the al-Minbar Jihadi Media forum on October 25, 2014, the jihadist portrayed such teachers as an “easy hunt,” and explained that regardless of the security at the school, the teacher is vulnerable during their travel to and from the school, and during their trips to supermarkets and shopping centers. He noted: “Some schools use buses to transport teachers to and from school, and this constitutes a precious hunt. As for targeting the bus (I do not mean blowing it up, and I do not say not to bomb it), whenever the operation is easy, the chance of success is better. If a wolf targeted a bus during teachers getting on or getting off, he could easily leave several dead in a few minutes with one small weapon. This will inevitably lead to the closure of the school.”

Det finnes tusensiv av vestlendinger som arbeider i muslimske land, innen utdanning, NGO’er eller business. Hvis jihadistene skulle gjøre alvor av truslene vil det få store konsekvenser for relasjonene mellom Vesten og muslimske land.

Jihadisten påpeker hvor dårlig sikkerheten er. Lærerne plukkes opp av busser til og fra skolene og det er ingen sikkerhet.

A fellow jihadist wrote in reply: “From my personal knowledge, those teachers or professors are the sowers of corruption in the honor of the headless daughters of the Muslims, and they destroy the sanctity of the religion from the minds of the students. Add to them directors and employees of companies, tourists, and diplomats. We do not forget the Chinese element, for it is much easier and hunting him is easier than a cockroach.”