En av de større mus­limske orga­ni­sa­sjo­nene i Frank­rike opp­ford­rer mus­limske jen­ter til å trosse hijab-for­bu­det når skole­året begyn­ner igjen. De lover moralsk og juri­disk støtte.

For­bu­det ser ut til å ha kom­met for sent. Isla­mi­se­rin­gen av franske sko­ler har alle­rede kom­met langt, ifølge en ny rap­port. Den gir flere eksemp­ler på hvor­dan man tar over et miljø som sko­len innen­ifra.

For­bu­det mot hijab er et eksem­pel på too little, too late. Isla­mi­se­rin­gen av franske sko­ler har kom­met så langt at det er vans­ke­lig å rever­sere, ifølge en ny rap­port.

En av de største mus­limske orga­ni­sa­sjo­nene opp­ford­rer alle mus­limske jen­ter til å trosse hijab-for­bu­det på sko­len, og lover å backe dem moralsk og juri­disk. En fransk kon­ver­titt til islam vil orga­ni­sere for­eldre­boi­kot­ter av sko­ler som for­sø­ker å utvise jen­ter med hijab.

Men det mest alvor­lige er hva den nye rap­por­ten sier om isla­mis­te­nes frem­støt i sko­len:

But the furor over the wea­ring of reli­gious dress in pub­lic schools may be the least of the French edu­ca­tion establishment’s pro­blems, accor­ding to a recently pub­lis­hed report. Com­pi­led by the Ins­pec­tion Gene­ral for Natio­nal Edu­ca­tion, the report descri­bes an alar­ming trend in French schools and neigh­bor­hoods that is “rapid and recent”, and which will lead to “Islami­sa­tion in a few years” of entire areas. This dis­tur­bing devel­op­ment, the report points out, is not just occur­ring in the Mus­lim ghet­tos, the ‘ban­lie­ues’, sur­round­ing French cities, but in the France’s rural towns as well.


Ten­sions between schools and Mus­lim child­ren and parents, the report points out, alre­ady begin in the pri­mary grades. Some child­ren, it says, refuse to sing, dance or draw a face, say­ing it is against their reli­gion. In one school the admi­ni­stra­tion even had to set up a screen wit­hout a win­dow where the female school direc­tor, twice a day, can observe Mus­lim mot­hers wit­hout their veils for rec­og­nition pur­poses before she will release their child­ren to them.

In phy­si­cal edu­ca­tion and sports, the report says, some Mus­lim stu­dents pre­fer a zero or a punish­ment rat­her than take part or wear the regu­la­tion out­fit. The parents are also often against school outings when it involves their daugh­ters. And in some schools, the report sta­tes that girls put on their coats whe­ne­ver they have to go to the black­board, not wan­ting to arouse sexual inte­rest.

Such occur­ren­ces, the report con­ti­nues, is crea­ting an eth­nic and social segre­ga­tion in the schools. One school, it sta­tes, even has one set of wash­room taps for Mus­lim stu­dents and anot­her for the French, while one Mus­lim lea­der even wan­ted sepa­rate gym change rooms, since “a cir­cum­cised (Mus­lim boy) can­not get und­ressed beside an impure.”

Mode­rate Mus­lims, it seems, also suf­fer from this Islami­sa­tion. In some schools, they have to take part in the Rama­dan fast to avoid pres­su­res from fel­low Mus­lim stu­dents, while some non-Mus­lim stu­dents join in the fast sim­ply to belong.

Aca­de­mic sub­jects are also areas for fun­da­men­ta­list into­le­rance. Lite­rary works such as Cyrano de Ber­ge­rac are jud­ged to be too licen­tious, while Madame Bovary is too favo­rable for libe­ra­tion of women. How­ever, accor­ding to the report, his­tory, geo­graphy and civic edu­ca­tion con­sti­tute the “heart of the offen­sive.” His­tory, it says, is oppo­sed “at every turn” by a reli­gious ver­sion.

The schools them­selves may also be con­tri­bu­ting to this fun­da­men­ta­list pro­se­ly­tism, accor­ding to the report’s com­pi­lers. They write that they regret the hiring of Mus­lim zea­lots as big brot­hers and youth wor­kers, while citing positions as pri­mary school teachers, edu­ca­tion assi­stants and lycee pro­fes­sors as being of spec­ial inte­rest to them.

But the report’s most dis­tur­bing and frigh­te­ning aspect con­cerns Jewish stu­dents. Sim­ply put, anti-Semi­tism is so strong in some French pub­lic schools that Jewish child­ren can­not rece­ive an edu­ca­tion there.

In a way, the head scarf con­tro­versy sym­bo­lizes the state of French schools. The Isla­mist offen­sive has gone so far in French edu­ca­tio­nal estab­lish­ment, the scarf issue is sim­ply a dis­trac­ting case of too little too late.

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