En av de større muslimske organisasjonene i Frankrike oppfordrer muslimske jenter til å trosse hijab-forbudet når skoleåret begynner igjen. De lover moralsk og juridisk støtte.

Forbudet ser ut til å ha kommet for sent. Islamiseringen av franske skoler har allerede kommet langt, ifølge en ny rapport. Den gir flere eksempler på hvordan man tar over et miljø som skolen innenifra.

Forbudet mot hijab er et eksempel på too little, too late. Islamiseringen av franske skoler har kommet så langt at det er vanskelig å reversere, ifølge en ny rapport.

En av de største muslimske organisasjonene oppfordrer alle muslimske jenter til å trosse hijab-forbudet på skolen, og lover å backe dem moralsk og juridisk. En fransk konvertitt til islam vil organisere foreldreboikotter av skoler som forsøker å utvise jenter med hijab.

Men det mest alvorlige er hva den nye rapporten sier om islamistenes fremstøt i skolen:

But the furor over the wearing of religious dress in public schools may be the least of the French education establishment’s problems, according to a recently published report. Compiled by the Inspection General for National Education, the report describes an alarming trend in French schools and neighborhoods that is «rapid and recent», and which will lead to «Islamisation in a few years» of entire areas. This disturbing development, the report points out, is not just occurring in the Muslim ghettos, the ‘banlieues’, surrounding French cities, but in the France’s rural towns as well.

Tensions between schools and Muslim children and parents, the report points out, already begin in the primary grades. Some children, it says, refuse to sing, dance or draw a face, saying it is against their religion. In one school the administration even had to set up a screen without a window where the female school director, twice a day, can observe Muslim mothers without their veils for recognition purposes before she will release their children to them.

In physical education and sports, the report says, some Muslim students prefer a zero or a punishment rather than take part or wear the regulation outfit. The parents are also often against school outings when it involves their daughters. And in some schools, the report states that girls put on their coats whenever they have to go to the blackboard, not wanting to arouse sexual interest.

Such occurrences, the report continues, is creating an ethnic and social segregation in the schools. One school, it states, even has one set of washroom taps for Muslim students and another for the French, while one Muslim leader even wanted separate gym change rooms, since «a circumcised (Muslim boy) cannot get undressed beside an impure.»

Moderate Muslims, it seems, also suffer from this Islamisation. In some schools, they have to take part in the Ramadan fast to avoid pressures from fellow Muslim students, while some non-Muslim students join in the fast simply to belong.

Academic subjects are also areas for fundamentalist intolerance. Literary works such as Cyrano de Bergerac are judged to be too licentious, while Madame Bovary is too favorable for liberation of women. However, according to the report, history, geography and civic education constitute the «heart of the offensive.» History, it says, is opposed «at every turn» by a religious version.

The schools themselves may also be contributing to this fundamentalist proselytism, according to the report’s compilers. They write that they regret the hiring of Muslim zealots as big brothers and youth workers, while citing positions as primary school teachers, education assistants and lycee professors as being of special interest to them.

But the report’s most disturbing and frightening aspect concerns Jewish students. Simply put, anti-Semitism is so strong in some French public schools that Jewish children cannot receive an education there.

In a way, the head scarf controversy symbolizes the state of French schools. The Islamist offensive has gone so far in French educational establishment, the scarf issue is simply a distracting case of too little too late.

FrontPage magazine.com :: French Schools – Islamist Lessons by Stephen Brown