Al-Shabaab gjennomførte to blodige nye angrep mot intetanende og tilfeldige kenyanske sivile søndag og erklærte både at de sto bak og at Kenya nå befant seg i krig.

Kenyanerne er fortvilte. Ingen kommer dem til unnsetning når de lovløse krigerne dukker opp. Det hele minner om Nigeria.

At least 29 people have been killed in coastal villages in Kenya in two separate raids on coastal areas. The Islamist terrorist group Al Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack.

Two separate attacks saw gunmen attacking and mowing down unarmed civilians. One attack on Saturday night killed nine people in the trading town of Hindi. Another attack further south killed 20. According to residents, many victims had their hands tied and throats slit.

One witness, Hassan, told Britain’s Telegraph: «It was the same as the other attacks, gunmen walking so casually around and shooting people as they ran, then breaking into houses and killing people in their homes. There was no police response; there is no security here anymore. All Kenyans can do is watch as their brothers and sisters die.»

There have been several attacks by al-Shaabab since last year’s attack on the Westgate Mall in Nairobi killed 67. On June 17thattacks by the terrorist group on the coastal town of Mpeketonikilled 49. They gunned down people who were out at night, packing bars and cafes, watching the World Cup.

Last week Al-Shabaab killed one Somali lawmaker and wounded another in a drive-by shooting attack in the capital Mogadishu. Mohamed Mohamud Hayd and a security guard were shot and killed on Thursday morning. It was the third assassination of Somalian politician by Al-Shabaab this year. In a statement on its website the group said that the murder was a ‘beginning of Ramadan offensive» referring to the holy month of Ramadan, believed by Islamists to be the optimal time for Jihad.