Al Qaida likte ikke å bli rost av ABB, og tar i en artikkel i Inspire avstand fra enhver sammenligning mellom gruppen og Utøya-morderen.

An article in this month’s Inspire Magazine, reportedly published by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, argues that a true Islamic ‘mujahideen’ would never target a youth camp, as Breivik did.
«The [difference in the] moral code of war between the two groups is vast,» the article argues. «In our eyes going after women and children is not only forbidden in the Shari’ah, but also a useless form of slaughter.»
The article is a clear response to the admiration the 33-year-old far-right extremist professed for the extreme Islamic group during the first week of his trial, which began last month.
«al-Qaeda is the most successful militant group in the world, and I believe militant nationalists in Europe have a great deal to learn from them,» the 33-year-old killer told the court.
He said he had particularly drawn on the group’s cell structure and its «cult of martyrdom».

Al-Qaeda rejects Anders Behring Breivik comparison
al-Qaeda has rejected the claim by Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik that he was following a model set by the Islamic terror network, claiming the difference between the two groups «is like day and night».