The Norwegian peace-researcher Ola Tunander has committed an article that will raise eyebrows in many quarters. He links Anders Behring Breivik to Israel.

The article appears in the respectable journal Nytt Nordisk Tidsskrift, at present under the editorial of Cathrine Holst.

The article is no less than scandalous, and raises questions not just about Ola Tunander, but also about Holst and her editorial board, which includes a lot of influtential people.

Antisemitism has become more or less respectable in Norwegian academic circles. This article suggests that the price could be high.

From the english abstract:

Inspiration, interests, initiation and investments in Breivik’s world

The terrorist attacks in Norway on 22 July 2011 were first described as an al-Qaeda operation. When Anders Behring Breivik was arrested and we were able to look at his video and read his manifesto, it became clear that he was inspired by Jewish-Christian anti-jihadist writers, the very individuals that had pointed to al-Qaeda in the first place. Some critics argued that Breivik had been used by Israeli forces with an interest in changing Norway’s policy towards Palestine, as if Breivik had copied the Israeli bombing of the British headquarters in Jerusalem in 1946, on the very anniversary of that attack. However, inspiration and interests are not enough. One also has to look at Breivik’s contacts that supposedly financed him and initiated him into his crusading «Knights Templar» order. Breivik himself points to Serbian crusaders, while others points to an East-European military mafia. The two converge, however, into one network that is surprisingly close to Saudi and Chechen intelligence and to the very Islamists that Breivik detests, as though Breivik’s Knights Templar were the mirror image of al-Qaeda.