Sakset/Fra hofta

Who is Anders Behring Breivik, who now stands accused of executing the worst terrorattack and massacre in Norwegian history. The public wants to know: How this was possible. Was there no early warning, that should have been detected?

Behring Breivik was an active commentator on this site in the fall of 2009, especially. In the course of a few months he wrote some 75 pieces, some of them quite extensive.

They offer some interesting insights into his ideas at the time. He writes mostly about what Americans call the cultural war; focused on immigration, demography, identity, and politics in the broader sense.

His main enemy is not muslims, but multiculturalists and what he calls cultural marxists. This is a term that some on the political right uses. It is vague and can be used about almost anything. Because it is so imprecise this editor raised an inner red flag when Behring Breivik used it about the Frankfurter School. This was an important philosophical school in Germany, after the war, led by Adorno and Horkheimer. That Behring Breivik classified them as cultural marxists indicated that he did not really know cultural history. But that does not make him an extremist.

Actually there is nothing in Behring Breivik’s writings that indicates that he was violent.

His thoughts about multicultural society are run of the mill on the political right, with some personal eccentric ideas, i.e. the use of the word conservatism. He calls himself and the movement he identifies with national conservatism. He writes positively about Israel and the Jews’ right to defend themselves. He argues against ethnocentrism and says the answer to racism cannot be another form of racism.


Behring Breivik uses some terms that indicates a more dubious side: he thinks the cultural marxists are deceitful. They hide their real agenda. Behind a veneer of human rights and humanism they are surreptiously working for the realization of a political utopi of their own design. This utopia means the death of European culture and belief, and finally the subjugation of Europeans. He was convinced the cultural marxists are in cahoots with the islamists.

War is deceit

Behring Breivik relishes the phrase: War is deceit. He almost admires the cultural marxists for their brazenness: they are clever and smart, but he can see through their schemes.

Behring Breivik wanted to do something. He wanted this website to become the vocal point for the movement he dreamt of. He had some very lofty ideas that he presented, and indicated that he was well connected. Closer inspection showed this to be empty promises.

Behring Breivik showed up for one meeting and asked one question that showed who he was, the man with the grand ideas. The impression he left confirmed our perception that he was not reliable.

When reading his postings there are some interesting bits of information, that reminds one of the Unabomber:

In fall 2009 Behring Breivik says that he has been working on a book titled 2083 for three years. It already runs into 1400 pages! He offers to send it to the blogger Fjordman.

Behring Breivik seems like a very special case.