Egypt har sagt opp gassavtalen med Israel. Er det fredsavtalen som står for tur?

Egypt er blitt mer Israel-fiendtlig etter revolusjonen. Men Militærrådet og Brorskapet har forsikret at de ikke vil røre fredsavtalen. Israel er på vakt.

The head of the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company said Sunday it has terminated its contract to ship gas to Israel because of violations of contractual obligations, a decision Israel said overshadows the peace agreement between the two countries.

The 2005 natural gas deal has become a symbol of tensions between Israel and Egypt since the uprising. For many Egyptians, it typifies the close relations the regime of deposed President Hosni Mubarak forged with Israel, despite wide hostility toward the Jewish state among his people.

Critics charge that Israel got the gas for bargain prices and that Mubarak cronies skimmed millions of dollars off the proceeds.

Egyptian militants have blown up the gas pipeline to Israel 14 times since the uprising.

Israel insists it is paying a fair price for the gas.

Mohamed Shoeb, the head of the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company, said the decision to cancel the deal was not political.

«This has nothing to do with anything outside of the commercial relations,» Shoeb told The Associated Press.

He said Israel has not paid for its gas in four months. Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor denied that.

Shoeb told Egyptian TV the decision has been in place since Thursday.

On Sunday, Israel Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz said the unilateral Egyptian announcement was of «great concern» politically and economically.

«This is a dangerous precedent that overshadows the peace agreements and the peaceful atmosphere between Israel and Egypt,» he said in a statement. Israel and Egypt signed a peace treaty in 1979, but relations have never been warm.

The Israeli side said the decision was «unlawful and in bad faith,» accusing the Egyptian side of failing to supply the gas quantities it is owed.

Egypt Terminates Gas Deal With Israel

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