Angrepet på grensebyen Rafah og neskytingen av 16 egyptiske soldater, skulle man tro var klart som vann. Angriperne kapret tre panservogner og ville trenge inn i Israel.

Angrepet stilte Brorskapet og president Mohammed Morsi i forlegenhete.

Kanskje ble skammen for tung å bære? Brorskapets nettside la skylden på Israels Mossad. Det var de som sto bak! Israel orkesterer m.a.o. et angrep på seg selv, alt for å kompromittere Brorskapet.

– Selv de som fremsetter slike løgner kan ikke tro på dem, sa israelske UDs talsmann, Yigal Palmor.

The Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas each blamed Israel Monday for orchestrating a terrorist attack in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula which killed 16 Egyptian soldiers and wounded seven a day earlier. The accusations prompted a swift dismissal from Israel, which was also targeted in the attack.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood said on its website that the attack «can be attributed to Mossad» and was an attempt to thwart Islamist President Mohamed Morsy.

«Even the person who says this when he looks at himself in the mirror does not believe the nonsense he is uttering,» said Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor.

According to the Brotherhood statement, the Mossad «has been seeking to abort the revolution since its inception and the proof of this is that it gave instructions to its Zionist citizens in Sinai to depart immediately a few days ago.» The group added: «(It) also draws our attention to the fact that our forces in Sinai are not enough to protect it and our borders, which makes it imperative to review clauses in the signed agreement between us and the Zionist entity.»

Egypt branded the Islamist gunmen behind the attack as «infidels» and promised on Monday to launch a crackdown following the massacre that has strained Cairo’s ties with both Israel and Palestinians.

The bloodshed represented an early diplomatic test for Morsy, who took office at the end of June after staunch US ally Hosni Mubarak was overthrown last year in a popular uprising.

Mubarak had cooperated closely with Israel on security and suppressed Islamist movements such as Morsy’s Muslim Brotherhood which rejects violence to achieve its goals but whose leaders often voiced hostility towards the Jewish state.

Meanwhile, the Hamas government and some Palestinian groups also hinted at Israeli involvement in the attack with the aim of driving a wedge between the Palestinians and Egypt.

Hamas security officials insisted that none of the terrorists who carried out the Sinai attack had come from the Gaza Strip. However, the officials did not say who they believed was behind the terror assault.

A spokesman for the Hamas government claimed the attack was an Israeli «attempt to tamper with Egyptian security and drive a wedge between the Egyptians and the residents of the Gaza Strip.»

The spokesman said that allegations about the involvement of Palestinians in the terror attack were mainly aimed at inciting the Egyptian people against the residents of the Gaza Strip and the Hamas government.

«This is a despicable crime that only serves the interests of the Zionist enemy,» the Hamas spokesman said. «We believe that Israeli agents were behind the attack.»

The Islamic Jihad organization in the Gaza Strip also denied involvement, saying that attack serves only «Israeli occupation.» Another group, Al-Jama’ah Al-Islamiya [The Palestinian Group], claimed that Israeli «intelligence forces» were behind the attack.

Egypt’s decision to shut the Rafah border crossing in the aftermath of Sunday’s attack drew sharp criticism from Palestinians.

Hamas, Brotherhood say Israelis behind Sinai attack By REUTERS, KHALED ABU TOAMEH08/06/2012 20:05Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood says the attack «can be attributed to Mossad» as an attempt to thwart Morsy; Hamas, Palestinian groups hint at Israeli involvement with aim of driving wedge between Palestinians, Egypt.

Men som Evelyn Gordon skriver i Commentary: Det stopper ikke der. Israel hadde gitt Egypt forhåndsvarsel om angrepet. Men Egypt foretok seg ingenting.

But it gets even worse. Israel had advance intelligence of the attack – hence its warning that Israelis should leave Sinai, and the heightened alert along the border that enabled it to stop the terrorists with no Israeli casualties. And like a good neighbor, it shared some of this intelligence with the Egyptian army.

Egypt, however, evidently ignored the information: There’s no sign that it beefed up security along the border or placed its soldiers on heightened alert.

In short, the new Egypt is so unwilling to cooperate with Israel that it wouldn’t even act on Israeli intelligence about a threat to its own security. And given the Brotherhood’s subsequent statement, one can see why: It doubtless viewed the warning as a devious Mossad plot aimed at weakening Egypt in some unknown fashion.

 Nå sier den egyptiske regjering at den ønsker å øke antallet soldater i Sinai. Til det må den ha forhåndsgodkjenning av Israel, ifølge fredsavtalen, noe Israel neppe vil gå med på, til det er Brorskapet for upålitelig.
Ett eksempel på det var brev-skandalen: President Shimon Peres sendte lykkeønskninger til Morsi i anledning innledningen på ramadan. Morsi svarte med et takkebrev. Men da Peres offentliggjorde det, kom dementiet fra Morsi: han hadde ikke sendt noe brev, det var et falsum det Peres hadde offentliggjort.

All this confirms the impression left by last week’s fiasco, when Morsi replied to Israeli President Shimon Peres’s Ramadan greeting. The reply was faxed from the Egyptian embassy in Tel Aviv with a cover note on embassy letterhead. But when the eternally optimistic Peres publicized it, deeming it a “hopeful” sign, both Morsi’s spokesman and his top aide flatly denied that any letter was ever sent. His spokesman even termed the media reports a “slander.”

In short, Morsi is willing to throw occasional bones like the Peres letter, so that Western countries whose money he needs to rescue Egypt’s economy can keep deluding themselves of his moderation. But back home, where it counts, accusing him of anycontact with Israel – even something as banal as acknowledging a Ramadan greeting – constitutes “slander.”

In the New Egypt, Israel is the Enemy

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