Hillary Clinton ber den pakistanske sikkerhetstjenesten ISI om hjelp til å få istand forhandlinger med Taliban.

Det er samme organisasjon som hennes administrasjon for en måned siden sa samarbeidet med Taliban.

Saken illustrerer USAs umulige valg, men også liberaleres schizofrene forhold til vold og legitimitet.

Just a month after accusing Pakistan’s spy agency of secretly supporting the Haqqani terrorist network, which has mounted attacks on Americans, the Obama administration is now relying on the same intelligence service to help organize and kick-start reconciliation talks aimed at ending the war in Afghanistan.

The revamped approach, which Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton called “Fight, Talk, Build” during a high-level United States delegation’s visit to Kabul and Islamabad this month, combines continued American air and ground strikes against the Haqqani network and the Taliban with an insistence that Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency get them to the negotiating table.

Hvorfor skulle ISI hjelpe USA når de to partene har stikk motsatte strategier? ISI har satset på Haqqani-nettverket for å tvinge USA vekk fra Afghanistan og ut av regionen.

But some elements of the ISI see little advantage in forcing those negotiations, because they see the insurgents as perhaps their best bet for maintaining influence in Afghanistan as the United States reduces its presence there.

The strategy is emerging amid an increase in the pace of attacks against Americans in Kabul, including a suicide attack on Saturday that killed as many as 10 Americans and in which the Haqqanis are suspected . It is the latest effort at brokering a deal with militants before the last of 33,000 American “surge” troops prepare to pull out of Afghanistan by September, and comes as early hopes in the White House about having the outlines of a deal in time for a multinational conference Dec. 5 in Bonn, Germany, have been all but abandoned.

At Hillary Clinton i det hele tatt kan be ISI om hjelp vitner om hjelpeløshet og oppfattes regionalt som svakhet. USAs sterke kort er India, men Washington nøler med å bruke det.

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